Footsteps Researchers

 Unique. Team. Research.

Think of your veteran’s story as a puzzle still in the box. To make the image take shape, many individual pieces have to come together from different places.

The process of assembling your veteran’s unique puzzle begins with Myra and her team of researchers at the National Archives in St. Louis and College Park, Maryland. From the World War II military personnel records she has access to, a detailed picture begins to emerge of a soldier’s activity during service—and afterwards, in the case of a hero killed in action. From Europe, Joey, Florent, Loic, Ben, and Bob are then able to reconstruct your veteran’s path, using European archives, battlefields, local testimonies, historians, and other sources. On the Pacific side, we have Joey who is our expert. We also have a military artist, a merchandise designer, and special projects person on the team to do your search.

Our combined efforts and access to the most extensive WWII resources allow us to create the most complete picture of your veteran’s experience. It is our mission to help you learn more about your family

Our team specializes in presenting your veteran’s information in the format most meaningful to you—in writing, in maps, in video-documentary, and in tours.

We offer the follow services:

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