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During WW II more than 16 million American men and women served in the US Armed Forces. These men and women veterans are our families. They are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even siblings.

Your veteran has a story, maybe one that’s never been told. We can help. Let’s start at the beginning. Imagine your veteran’s story is a puzzle yet to be taken from the box. Many individual pieces have to come together from different places to bring the story to life.

An international team works to research and assemble your veteran’s unique puzzle. It begins with Myra and her team of researchers at the National Archives in St. Louis and College Park, Maryland. From the World War II military personnel records she is allowed to access, lay the foundation for a detailed picture to emerge of a soldier’s activity during service—and afterward, in the case of a hero killed in action. Our European team members use archives, battlefield documents, local testimonies, historians, and other European sources including team members Joey, Florent, Loic, Ben, Nils, and Bob who begin to reconstruct your veteran’s path. On the Pacific side, Joey is our expert. We also have a military artist, a merchandise designer, and individuals dedicated to special projects team to aid in our search.

Our combined efforts and access to the most extensive WWII resources allows us to create the most complete picture of your veteran’s experience. Our mission is to help you learn more about your family

We excel in presenting your veteran’s information in the format most meaningful to you—in writing, in maps, in video-documentary, and in tours.

We offer the following services:

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Footsteps Researchers team on the ground in Luxembourg leading a footsteps tour for the daughter of a tank commander of the 712th Tank Battalion.