On December 30, 2018, Joey van Meesen and Myra Miller took off on a day trip through Belgium and Luxembourg (with Ronald van Meesen singing in the back seat). The goal was to locate current locations to match original WW2 photos. Then Joey used his skills to blend the shots together. We had so much fun that day! #footstepsresearchers @footstepsresearchers.

Then & Now: Infantrymen of the 83rd Infantry Division march into Bovigny, Belgium, after driving east from Bois de Bonce Forest. Co. Bo, 329th Regt. US First Army. 20 January 1945. Signal Corps Photo. ETO-HQ-45-9096 (Tec 4 Leo Moran) from 165 Sig Photo Co. Released by Field Press Censor 22 January 1945.
(Myra the photographer with Joey walking in the picture.)

Then & Now: Tank destroyer moves with the infantry through the town of Bovigny, Belgium. The column in the foreground is World War I Memorial. 329th Regiment, 1st Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division. 639th Tank Destroyer Battalion. 20 Jan 1945. Signal Corps Photo HQ-45-9099 (Moran). Released by Field Press Censor 22 Jan 1945.
(Myra the photographer with Joey posing like the statue in the picture.)

Then & Now: This photograph shows members from the 137th Infantry Regiment of the 35th Division standing near a war-torn building in Tintange, Belgium.
(Joey the photographer with Myra walking toward the building in the picture.)

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