LEGACY: Lost & Found, The Foxhole of Prentice W. Ball

Today our European researcher, Joey van Meesen, took possession of the pocket knife owned by Prentice W. Ball. This WWII relic was found on April 1, 2018, by Frank van Vark and Joey’s dad, Ronald van Meesen. Traveling to Germany, Joey and his dad went back to the original location and foxhole where the knife […]

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WWII knife to be returned to family!

LEGACY: Lost & Found, UPDATE: We have 100% confirmation that the pocket knife etched with Prentice W. Ball’s name (found in Germany last week) belongs to his daughters living in Alabama. It will be an honor to return the knife to them and his family in mid-May. PRESENTATION: Sunday, May 20, 2018 2:00 pm West […]

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LEGACY: Lost & Found

Imagine finding or having a WWII canteen, knife, jacket, mug, plate, etc… that is a mystery to you. You might have been metal detecting, purchased on eBay, or been rummaging through a flea market and come across this relic of the past. But this one is unique…. it clearly has a name or number etched/scratched/stamped […]

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