Every donation is greatly appreciated and tax-deductible when supporting our nonprofit Legacy: Lost & Found,  501(c)(3), #83-1240587.

From the very beginning, our mission consisted of the following three keywords:

EDUCATION: Educating the next generation about the Greatest Generation is one of our key principles. More than sixteen million men enlisted in the US Armed Forces. They were men of all nations and represent what the United States is today. Those men have been fighting for and preserving the freedom we have today.

CLOSURE: Closing old wounds or finding peace with a late relative is what our research can provide. Let us help you understand the history of your loved one.

IDENTITY: The biggest part the Greatest Generation never talked about was their service in the war. They may have shared tiny details, but the majority of veterans didn’t like to talk about their history in the service. Our top experts can provide you with a complete overview of your veteran’s service.

Legacy: Lost & Found

LEGACY: LOST AND FOUND is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit #83-1240587 organization founded by researcher Myra Miller to discover the identities of the brave men and women who offered their youth and even sometimes their lives to battle the forces of evil during WW2 and preserved liberty around the planet 76 years ago.

LEGACY primarily assists the 83rd Infantry Division using volunteers to research, compile, and organize the archival records and other documents into one database and available online at Funds donated help support the expense of archival research and hours of data management.

Returning a veteran’s lost pocket knife!

LEGACY researches and identifies the heroes who owned items that were accidentally lost during or sold after WW2. It is our goal to help reunite these sacred relics with the veteran or family. We also strive to educate the family, local school children, and the public about their sacrifices.

European Grave Adopters

LEGACY assists grave adopters around the world in preserving the deeply personal legacies of American World War II heroes for generations to come. Grave adopters must show proof/certificate of their adopted grave to be considered for LEGACY file work.


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