SOLDIERS’ STORIES: A Collection of WWII Memoirs, Volume I

Winner of the 2017 Ella Dickey Literacy Award for historical preservation through literature, this book stands as a beautiful and moving tribute to World War II veterans and their families. With hundreds of colorful photos and illustrations, the book delivers emotional and exciting details and first-hand accounts of the most cataclysmic and epic events of the 20th Century.

Compiled by five siblings, an artist, editor, businessman, writer/voice professional, and communications professor, who pooled their strengths and passion for history to produce a powerful full color, 328-page coffee table book. In 2016, seventy-two years after World War II ended, this family honored their father, S/Sgt. Myron H. Miller, and found a way to preserve poignant and remarkable stories that are fading with time.  

SOLDIERS’ STORIES: A Collection of WWII Memoirs, Volume II

From the perspectives of those who lived it and the families who listened to their stories—this book takes you from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay, from D-Day to Crossing the Rhine, and more. It highlights the diversity of those who served, the hardships they faced, and some exciting discoveries long buried in archives. It contains more than 160 stories of courage under fire, fateful coincidences, and resistance to the forces of domination and cruelty.

Packed with war-time romances and humorous events in the day-to-day lives of soldiers and sailors, this big, beautiful book (384 pages) also brings to life the women and men on the home front who worked heroically and stoically to support the war effort. With hundreds of colorful photos and illustrations, this page-turner will appeal to veterans, their descendants, and history buffs. It will appeal to all ages, from middle-schoolers to the Greatest Generation.


The Footsteps Researchers website is the only place you can order a book directly from the Millers for an autographed copy signed by the five Miller siblings.

Volume I and Volume II are sold on Amazon, Amazon UK (United Kingdom), Amazon FR (France and Belgium), Amazon IT (Italy), and Amazon DE (Germany and Netherlands). Books ordered on Amazon are not autographed.

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Clockwise top left:
Del Miller, Ken Miller, Marshall Miller, Myra Miller, Lynette Miller Ballard

The Miller Family

Myra Miller, Ken Miller, Del Miller, Marshall Miller, and Lynette Miller Ballard are the five adult children of S/Sgt. Myron H. Miller, who served in the U.S. Army in WWII from 1942 to 1946 in the European Theater of Operations. Together, they pooled their strengths and skills to create a book to honor their father and offer others an opportunity to share the stories of their WWII veterans. Growing up in Dixon, Missouri, the children of Myron and Dolores Gates Miller went off to college and lived their lives, until, decades later, they found themselves together on a road to discover their father’s war. They did not have enough stories to fill an entire book but knew other families had stories and photos to share. The idea for SOLDIERS’ STORIES: A Collection of WWII Memoirs was born in February 2016. Through hard work and combined efforts, Volume I was published in December 2016. They responded to their reader’s demands with Volume II published November 13, 2020.

Myra and Lynette live in St. Louis, Missouri, while Marshall lives in Belleville, Illinois, Ken lives in Dixon, Missouri, and Del resides in Denver, Colorado.   

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