SOLDIERS’ STORIES: A Collection of WWII Memoirs – Volume I




Clockwise top left: Del Miller, Ken Miller, Marshall Miller, Myra Miller, Lynette Miller Ballard


Winner of the 2017 Ella Dickey Literacy Award for historical preservation through literature, this WWII page-turner is a colorful compilation of 140+ stories laced with illustrations and photos telling the personal accounts of young men and women who risked their lives, were wounded or killed to save the lives of millions. True stories depict their valor, patriotism and day-to-day exploits during the 1940s.

As the proud children of Myron H. Miller, S/Sgt, 83rd Infantry Division, K/331st, we share these stories of fellow WWII veterans in his memory.  It is our honor to pass the stories of these brave men and women on to the next generation.  We must never forget their sacrifices. The Miller Family pooled their talents and skills to create this beautiful book: with Myra Miller, PhD; Ken Miller, illustrator; Del Miller, Marshall Miller, and Lynette Miller Ballard as writers and editors.

While the book is sold on Amazon, this is the only place you can order a book directly from the Millers for an autographed copy signed by the five Miller siblings.




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