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Tracing. Exact. Footsteps.

Why are Army Morning Reports a critical tool in tracing the exact footsteps of your veteran?

Morning Report A Co, 506th PIR December 5th 1944

An Army Morning Report provided the higher command with an essential overview of all personnel activity within the company on a given day. It contains the following details:

  • The company’s exact location
  • Names of personnel transferred to another company
  • Names of personnel wounded or killed in action—in the case of transfer to a hospital, the report gives the particular hospital unit.
  • The strength of the company—that is, the number of active soldiers that day
  • An overview of the rations in the company’s inventory
  • Sometimes, a brief record of events about the company’s activities that day—e.g., moving or fighting

Searching Morning Reports is a labor-intensive process. They are stored on microfilm and require patient, careful searching through reels of negatives. Let us locate, process, and interpret your veteran’s files.

A $100 retainer fee is required to get your research started. The fee covers two hours of research to get the microfilm. You will be billed for additional hours if your request takes more than two hours. After payment of the retainer fee, we will contact you for all the necessary information we need to get started.

Disclaimer: If you purchase these, make sure your veteran was in the US Army (Air Force). The US Navy did NOT have Morning Reports. There are Flight Records for Air Force.






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