What are Morning Reports? Or IDPFs and OMPFs? If you are lost, you can learn more about the different types of service records and archival material here. Once you’ve done that, we can help you decide which research bundle is right for you!

Our Services

Basic Research

Our Basic Research includes your choice of either Service Records or Morning Reports*To order a combination of the research records, see Research Bundle below. 

Basic Research for Official Military Personnel File (OMPF):
Price: $50 Retainer Fee

  • Fewer than 40 pages: Retainer fee = $50
  • 40 to 100 pages: Retainer fee + $25 = $75
  • More than 100 pages, Navy files, or B-files (burned files): Retainer Fee + $50 = $100

Basic Research for Individual Deceased Persons File (IDPF): 
Price: $75 Retainer Fee

Only those with last names A-L are available for us to retrieve at the Archives in St. Louis. (Files M-Z are in the process of being moved to St. Louis). In the event that the soldier was KIA or died while in service, Footsteps Researchers will automatically order an OMPF which is included in this price.

  • Fewer than 40 pages: Retainer fee = $75
  • 40 to 100 pages: Retainer fee + $25 = $100
  • More than 100 pages: Retainer Fee + $50 = $150

Footsteps Researchers cannot anticipate the quality or the quantity of the records collected. Final pricing is based on total number of images/records collected as we never know the size of the file until we receive it.

Basic Research for Morning Reports: Written by the Company Clerk during wartime, Morning Reports document the daily movements and locations of companies, battalions, and regiments. Records are kept by the month, so as an example, you may order 502nd PIR Dec. 44, 331st Co K Apr. 45, etc. *Clients who are seeking individuals found on Morning Reports, please see Research Bundle below.

Price: $100 Retainer Fee

  • Initial two hours of research is included in retainer fee
  • $50 per hour for every additional research hour
  • Morning Reports will be imaged by month and sent in PDF files


Research Bundle

RECOMMENDED! Our Research Bundle is a combined package that includes both Service Records and Morning Reports for an individual soldier.

In this bundle, we will request the Service Records of your veteran and take high-quality images once we receive the files in the Research Room. After we receive the service files, we perform extensive research on the Morning Reports and provide you with a timeline of your veteran’s service. 

This bundle differs from Basic Research because we track your individual through Morning Reports from beginning to end. We will only take images of the reports where your veteran’s name appears. Please allow 4-6 weeks for this research to be completed.

Price: $400 with a $100 retainer fee. Once we’ve finished your bundle, we will invoice you the remaining fees.


Footsteps Researchers Package

Our Footsteps Researchers Package is a fully written narrative portfolio for your veteran’s wartime experience.

If our researchers determine that there is sufficient information available about your veteran, a PREMIER portfolio will be developed based on their WWII story. This volume will include all the documents featured in the Research Bundle, as well as a detailed military biography including enlistment, basic and specialized training, unit history, areas of deployment, and summary of relevant battles or campaigns during the war. Supplemental materials may include maps, pictures, charts, etc.

Besides the narrative, our package also includes the following exclusive content:

  • Interactive map with your veteran’s footsteps
  • A charcoal drawing of your veteran
  • Customized dog tag with your veteran’s information

Price: $2000 with a $300 retainer fee. Once we’ve finished your bundle, we will invoice you the remaining fees.

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