Researcher. Historian. Battlefield Tour Guide.

Joey van Meesen lives in The Netherlands

“I’ve been passionate about WWII history since I was a kid. My dad used to take me on Holidays to the Ardennes where we’d visit museums about the Battle of the Bulge. To this day we still repeat our one-week WWII trip to Belgium and Luxembourg to study the Battle of the Bulge.”

  • BA in history (with a focus on military history) from the University of Leiden
  • Knowledge of the use of the most important digital sources and methods for historical research
  • Mastering techniques that are necessary for studying and analyzing digital source material and digital methods of research
  • Proximity to the European battlefields allows Joey to capture photos and video of locations identified in military records
  • An experienced battlefield tour guide
  • Skilled videographer, specializing in documentary and short films

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