We are a highly experienced group of talented people. Our team consists of great historians, researchers, media experts, and battlefield detectives from different parts of the globe. For that reason, we provide historical consultant services for every form of media — book writing and publishing, digital media, social media, television and radio, documentary films, tourism, and even video games. Our historical advice and consulting centers on our ability to obtain original, archived documents in a timely manner to find exact footsteps for clients.

Joey van Meesen working on a shoot with a World War 2 Veteran!

As Footsteps Researchers, our areas of historical expertise are all over the world! We specialize in Europe and Asia. Our experts live in close proximity to the battlefields!

To date, we have consulted on numerous projects and companies:

  • Albion Voyages, Footsteps Research Exclusive Portfolios – Bayeux, France
  • Time-Travel Unlimited, Film Documentary – The Netherlands and Germany
  • Jeff Corwin (ABC), Film – Utah Beach, Normandy
  • King Size: The B24 Ghost Plane of LaFosse, Film Documentary – Belgium
  • I Was a Combat Medic on Omaha Beach – Pvt. Charles N. Shay, Film – Omaha Beach, Normandy
  • World War II Veterans’ Memories Video Project and Photography Exhibit, Saint Mere Eglise
  • Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs, Volume I and II, Books – USA
  • International Business Social Media – University of Missouri St. Louis, USA
The Footsteps Researchers film crew on the King Size plane crash site in LaFosse, Belgium!
Florent Plana on the ground with a client in Normandy!

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