LEGACY: Lost & Found

Imagine finding or having a WWII canteen, knife, jacket, mug, plate, etc… that is a mystery to you. You might have been metal detecting, purchased on eBay, or been rummaging through a flea market and come across this relic of the past. But this one is unique…. it clearly has a name or number etched/scratched/stamped […]

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King Size: The Ghost Plane of LaFosse Discovered

Adult children of surviving WWII B24 crewmember travel to plane crash site to assist in recovery ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, March 19, 2018— On Christmas Day 1944, seven crewmembers perished after their B24 was shot down over Belgium attempting to return to their base in Hethel, England, from a bombing mission to Germany. Two crewmembers survived. […]

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Archival Materials

There are several types of archival materials, including but not limited to service records and reports: NARA College Park After-Action Reports Unit Journals Histories General Orders Photographs Maps Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that requesting and receiving your files usually take a minimum of two to four weeks! For service records, NARA St. Louis needs […]

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