About Us

Unique team. Best quality research.

Leading the team of Footsteps Researchers – Myra (older/experienced) and Joey (young/bright)!

With experts working on your veteran’s research from around the world, you will gain as complete a picture as possible of your loved one’s experience. We feel our young researchers and historians bring a fresh view of WWII and are able to educate the next generation.

Experience + Passion + Energy = Education!

Myra Miller, PhD, is a researcher, writer, and educator living in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Independent for Hire Researcher at National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), specializing in WWII military records
  • Award-winning author of Soldiers’ Stories: A Collection of WWII Memoirs (2016)
  • Experienced tour organizer, specializing in the European theatre (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and England)
  • Adjunct professor of communications, specializing in social media

“While watching a documentary about WWII one evening, I realized I didn’t even know what unit my father had been a part of. He had died many years earlier without having talked much about his experience in the army. Researching his service and tracing his footsteps through Europe in person was a life-changing experience that inspired me to help others get the same gift of understanding their fathers’ legacies.”


Myra driving a Gold Star tour!

Joey van Meesen is a researcher, historian, and social media consultant living in the Netherlands.

  • BA in history (with a focus on military history) from the University of Leiden
  • Working on Masters in Military History at University of Arnham
  • Knowledge of the use of the most important digital sources and methods for historical research
  • Mastering techniques that are necessary for studying and analyzing digital source material and digital methods of research
  • Proximity to the European battlefields allows Joey to capture photos and video of locations identified in military records
  • Experienced battlefield tour guide in both the European and Pacific Theater of Operations
  • Skilled videographer specializing in documentary and short films

“I’ve been passionate about WWII history since I was a kid. My dad used to take me on Holidays to the Ardennes where we’d visit museums about the Battle of the Bulge. To this day we still repeat our one-week WWII trip to Belgium and Luxembourg to study the Battle of the Bulge.”


Joey leading a Silver Star package tour.